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Adjustable stem Connectors - Model 0105 - Flat

Adjustable stem Connectors - Model 0105 - Flat
Adjustable stem Connectors - Model 0105 - Flat CAD Drawing

Indoor G304

34.0105.422.S42.4 x 2.080FF-12CAD DownloadEnquire
34.0105.426.S42.4 x 2.680FF-12CAD DownloadEnquire
34.0105.482.S48.3 x 2.080FF-12CAD DownloadEnquire
34.0105.486.S48.3 x 2.680FF-12CAD DownloadEnquire

Outdoor G316's'

36.0105.422.S42.4 x 2.080FF-13CAD DownloadEnquire
36.0105.426.S42.4 x 2.680FF-13CAD DownloadEnquire
36.0105.482.S48.3 x 2.080FF-13CAD DownloadEnquire
36.0105.486.S48.3 x 2.680FF-13CAD DownloadEnquire
The Sign of Quality
Key Features

  Available in 304 grade stainless steel.

  Available in 316 grade stainless steel.

  To fit 42.4mm diameter stainless steel tube.

  To fit 48.3mm diameter stainless steel tube.

  Requires stainless steel adhesive for installation.

  Allen Key maybe required for installation.

  To a fine brushed 320 grit satin finish.

Product Description

Our high quality Stem Connectors are combined with a handrail to create the perfect glass balustrade solution suitable for a range of environments such as homes, garden landscaping projects and offices.

Using an adjustable Stem Connector has an advantage as it allows for flexibility in positioning, making it adaptable to various needs and preferences.

The Fastec 316’s’ range of Stem Connectors are manufactured in G2205 for superior corrosion resistance at no extra cost, offering unrivalled quality and value. Our experienced in-house team can guide you in designing the perfect solution for your project.

Seamless Integration: Our glass stem connectors offer a seamless and visually appealing integration of glass panels within your handrail system. Crafted with precision, these connectors provide a clean and minimalist look, allowing unobstructed views and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Robust and Reliable: Safety is our top priority. Our glass stem connectors are engineered to provide exceptional strength and stability, ensuring the durability and reliability of your handrail system. Each connector undergoes stringent quality control measures to meet and exceed industry standards.

Easy Installation: Simplify your installation process with our user-friendly glass stem connectors. Designed for quick and straightforward installation, these connectors feature innovative locking mechanisms and adjustable fittings, allowing for easy adjustments and precise alignment of glass panels.

Versatile Compatibility: Our glass stem connectors are designed to accommodate various glass thicknesses and handrail designs, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you have a residential staircase, commercial balcony, or public walkway, our connectors are adaptable to your specific needs.

Low Maintenance: We understand the importance of a low-maintenance solution. Our glass stem connectors are crafted from high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion, rust, and discoloration. Enjoy the elegance and functionality of your handrail system without the hassle of frequent maintenance.

Invest in our premium stem connectors and transform your handrail system into a modern and sophisticated architectural feature. Whether you're upgrading an existing structure or starting a new project, our connectors offer the perfect blend of safety, style, and durability. 
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