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135 Deg Stem Connectors - Model 0120/0121

135 Deg Stem Connectors - Model 0120/0121
135 Deg Stem Connectors - Model 0120/0121 CAD Drawing
135 Deg Stem Connectors - Model 0120/0121 Fitting Type

Indoor G304

34.0120.422.S42.4 x 2.08042.4FF-10CAD DownloadEnquire
34.0120.426.S42.4 x 2.68042.4FF-10CAD DownloadEnquire
34.0120.482.S48.3 x 2.08048.3FF-10CAD DownloadEnquire
34.0120.486.S48.3 x 2.68048.3FF-10CAD DownloadEnquire
34.0121.422.S42.4 x 2.08048.3FF-10CAD DownloadEnquire
34.0121.426.S42.4 x 2.68048.3FF-10CAD DownloadEnquire
34.0121.486.S48.3 x 2.68042.4FF-10CAD DownloadEnquire

Outdoor G316's'

36.0120.422.S42.4 x 2.08042.4FF-11CAD DownloadEnquire
36.0120.426.S42.4 x 2.68042.4FF-11CAD DownloadEnquire
36.0120.482.S48.3 x 2.08048.3FF-11CAD DownloadEnquire
36.0120.486.S48.3 x 2.68048.3FF-11CAD DownloadEnquire
36.0121.422.S42.4 x 2.08048.3FF-11CAD DownloadEnquire
36.0121.426.S42.4 x 2.68048.3FF-11CAD DownloadEnquire
36.0121.486.S48.3 x 2.68042.4FF-11CAD DownloadEnquire
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